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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  March 15, 2012 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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chad myers, we'll be back tomorrow. in the meantime we'll hand you over to wrb webb. "the situation room" starts right now. thanks very much. happening now -- >> the economic theories of gingrich, santorum and romney, they are bankrupt. >> if you give any one of these guys the keys to the white house, they will bankrupt the middle class againisms that's just the beginning of the attack on the republican presidential candidates as the obama reelection campaign ramps up. also, spanish, english and statehood. rick santorum ignites an unexpected uproar. plus hillary clinton's prospects in 2016. how could she best position herself now for a possible presidential bid then? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room."
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s. a turning point in the race for the white house. the obama campaign is now going directly on the attack against the republican presidential candidates. they are naming names, and fighting back after months of largely turning the other cheek. but it's not the president taking on his gov challengers. that task is now falling to the vice president joe biden. our chief white house correspondent jessica yellin is joining us now. jessica, this is clearly a new phase in the obama reelection campaign. >> it is, wolf. after months of saying they're just watching the republicans duke it out on the trail, now team obama is officially in campaign mode. remember president obama said this? >> all of them determine who their standard bearer is going to be. until the republicans have a nominee, we don't have a campaign. >> reporter: when he hits the stump, he never names the gop
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candidates. >> a lot of folks who are, you know, running for a certain offi office, who shall go unnamed -- >> reporter: but starting now, the president's top surrogate is. >> mitt romney, rick santorum and newt gingrich, these guys have a fundamentally different economic philosophy than we do. >> reporter: in a key battleground state of ohio, he talked auto industry bailout and was on the attack. >> senator santorum said it was, and i quote, a payoff to special interests. governor romney was more direct. let detroit go bankrupt. he said that. he said what we propose, and i quote, is even worse than bankruptcy. you know, it's kind of amazing. gingrich and romney and santorum, they don't let the
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facts get in their way. >> suimply stated we're about protecting the private sector. they're about protecting the privileged sector. we are for a fair shot and a fair shake. they're about no rules, no risk, no accountable. >> how do we understand this president and his time in office? do we look at the day's headlines, or do we remember what we as a country have been through? >> reporter: in other words, the campaign roll-out is officially on. isms this is the first of four speeches i'll be making on behalf of the president and me in the coming weeks. >> reporter: dating back to 2008, the vice president has the campaign's unofficial ambassador
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to blue collar catholic and jewish voters. cnn is told next week the campaign top will be in florida speaking to seniors. initial to ohio and florida, he'll targets likely parts of virginia, plus pennsylvania. now, two democratic officials tell me the campaign will planned this roll-out for today for this time, because they actually expected the republicans would have a nominee by now, and they say they couldn't wait until, say may or june for basically responding to, and in the words of one, drawing some contrasts. >> and you know the president and the first lady hosted a huge state dinner last night for the british prime minister david cameron. these dinners are usually held in the east room about 120, 130 gless. last night, what, 400 guests invited to the white house for this state dinner? it's raising in political eyebrows explain to our viewers
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why. >> reporter: there were 47 bundlers invited to the state dinner by our account last night, bundlers meaning donors who fund raise huge amounts for the campaign. this is noteworthy, because the obama team has raised hackles among fund-raisers and supporters in the past because they historically do not invite major donors, and they're criticized for it. the fact that they did this time is a sign they're in campaign mode. it's not unusual for a white house to do this, but it is a sign for game on for them. >> thank you, jessica yellin. 20 delegates at stage in this sunday aprimary, but the campaign has been suddenly sidetracked by a language controversy who san tore says english must be a condition for possible statehood. jim acosta is in san juan. you had a chance to speak to
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senator santorum about this. what's going on? >> reporter: that's right, wolf. rick santorum may have been a language barrier in his hopes to win the puerto rico primary, but as he told us today, he's not backing down. >> it's a hot button issue. for rick santorum is standing by his comments that puerto rico must adopt english as a official language as a condition for statehood. the gop contender seems willing to take the heat. >> reporter: should it be a requirement? >> i think english and spanish -- obviously spanish is going to be spoken here in the island, but this needs to be a bilingual country, not just a spanish-speaking country. >> reporter: he noted the territory has already designated english and spanish as official languages, but he went a step further. the island votes on whether to become a state later this year. >> it's a requirement put on
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other states as a condition for entering the union. >> reporter: but santorum got that wrong. the u.s. has no official language. however, 31 states do, which is why just this week a pro-english language group called on both santorum and mitt romney to take a position on this issue before the primary. the group's chairman said, should the puerto rican peel choose to become a state, they must consent to becoming a primarily english-speaking state, but that would require converting road signs. >> i think there are more serious issues han road signs. >> the island's democratic representative in congress said santorum's position goes too far. >> to impose a condition that no other state has is unr0e7b8. >> reporter: but it could be costly in other ways. after hearing his comments, one of his designated delegates in puerto rico said he's withdrawing his support. with an tomorrow trailing romney, every state and territory now matters.
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puerto rico's 20 delegates at state are crucial enough for santorum's wife karin to be at his side on the island. the couple visited a school for children with down's syndrome. >> we're still -- all of us -- i'm sorry. >> where mrs. santorum choked up as she talked about their daughter bela, who has a rare genetic disorder. >> when she was born she was described as a meaningful diagnosis, said that it was incompatible with life. i have to tell you, we are approaching her 4th birthday. and rick santorum's main rival, mitt romney is scheduled to campaign here, and this campaign put out a statement taking a different side on this language issue. he is not going to insist on puerto ricans adopting english as one of the primary languages, a condition for statehood, but wolf, this issue could cut two
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different ways. while it may not play well here, it could work in states like wisconsin and missouri, where conservatives would like to see 9 united states have an official language as english. >> and i suspect hi 'more worried about how it plays here, though he would like that support. 20 delegates, as you point out, at stage on sunday. jim acosta on the scene for us, as he always is. let's dig deeper right now with our chief political analyst. are you seeing any evident that mitt romney after two setbacks is now changing a bit of the strategy? i want there is some evidence, clearly evidence his campaign wants him to. take a listen to this interview, and you'll see a change. >> my message of jobs and the economy is what's winning for me. i've got a million more votes from citizens than anyone else in this race. the reason for that is i'm talking about my expertise in the economy and how i'm going to
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get the economy growing, put people back to work, help people trying to pay for gasoline be able to afford it again. >> so, wolf, while he couldn't resist talking about the math a bit, you see a lot less process in that, you know, he's not saying vote for me, i'm ahead. he's talking about people, and what his campaign is saying to him, stop with the math, start talking about why you got in this race to be president, how you can fix the economy. don't talk about yourself as much. stop talking about the cars your wife drives or the nascar owners you know, but talk about the people who were turning to you to fix the economy. one thing i'm sure you remember, wolf, is that barack obama, candidate obama, had a math issue he could talk about. he always kept it on a high level. he was talking about what he could do for the american people. that's what they want mitt romney to stick to now. we'll see if he sticks to it.
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>> a bit of the old joe biden coming back? >> we are. forcefully as jessica yellin pointed out. 24th believe that joe biden is the perfect person to take on mitt romney. they believe that joe biden's appeal is to the blue-collar voters. he can help barack obama with the blue collar voters as well. so they're going to keep him in the industrial midwest, also in florida, also in new hampshire, and i've been told, wolf, that also he's going to be sort of a chief surrogate on about half a dozen senate races. he's already started doing talk radio in senate races, of course keeping control of the senate is very keep to them as well. they believe he hayes a powerful tool for them to use. >> and a lot of democrats think that 25 votes in the house could change the balance of power in the house, too. they're not giving up on that, either. glor gloria, thanks very much. she's very popular and powerful, but will hillary clinton run for the white house once again in 2016?
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what should she be doing now? if she is planning to do so? details of a controversial proposed law on contraception. critics say women could be fired for use birth control. plus our chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta is now a novelist as well as a brain surgeon. you might be surprised by the subject of his newest book. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began. a little bird told me about a band... ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪
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fund-raisers for the president's reelection efforts. according to abc news, it's estimated this group on hand last night has raised $11 million of the $250 million president obama and the democrats have raised so far for the 2012 campaign. everybody understands that campaigns require money, but is this really the right use of the white house? seriously? they folks are known as bundlers, and they're a big deal in campaign finance. federal campaign rules limit individual contributions to $2500. that's where the bundlers kick in. they go and raise big dollars from their friends and associates, bund bundle it all together and give it to the candidate. president obama also invited several donors to the state dinner of the president of south korea, sort of the what way clinton used the lincoln bedroom. it's not unusual to former president bill clinton and
4:17 pm
george w. bush also did it, but -- and this is a big but -- but mr. obama ran on the most sweeping ethics reform intoic in 2008 and quick to criticize the role money plays in politics, except i guess when it's time to raise money for his reelection. the more things change in washington, the more they don't change at all. here's the question should campaign fund-raisers be invited to for foreign dignitaries. post a comment on my blog or go to our post on "the situation room's" facebook page. here's a hint -- no. >> you think there will be a whole bunch more state dinners between now and november? >> hard to tell, you know, but this is a nice what to pay these folks back. the white house belongs to us. we just let the president live there, but in fairness, as you pointed out -- >> i just say they all do it. that doesn't mean it's right. >> they all have done it. >> if we all go down to the
4:18 pm
corner and rob the liquor store, the last guy in is just as guilty as the first guy. >> thanks, jack. jack will be back with your e-mail. religious liberty versus the right to privacy, at the heart of a controversy over insurance coverage for contraception. cnn's lisa sylvester is digging deeper for us. tell us what you're finding out. >> hi there, wolf. representative debby lesko feels that employer should not be forced to is the legislation is so controversial. it applies across the board. under the bill, in order for a woman to have her birs control paid by employer, she needs to prove it's for medical reasons, not to prevent pregnancy. that's why some groups are
4:19 pm
furious. >> under our law so far, women have kept that information private, but the bill we see as representing an invasion of privacy. now the woman is going to have to tell her employer private details. >> reporter: the big has passed the arizona statehouse, and allows an employer to refuse to cover the cost of it if they're opposed to it on moral grounds. >> what my bill does is basically says that arizona employers can act out of the contraceptive mandate if they have a religious objection. that's all my bill does. it's really about religious liberty and our protection of our first amendment rights. >> reporter: the bill mirrors an effort on the federal level to lift a federal government mandate requiring contraception coverage in insurance plans. though the arizona legislation also lifts existing conditionsing that will make --
4:20 pm
easier to be fired. paul callyn says if the arizona bill becomes law, it would likely be fought over in the courts. >> proponents will say we're not prohibiting contraception, just restricting the ability of an employer to have to pay for it. so the argument, though, is set up for a very, very serious court challenge, i think, on privacy rights of women in the united states. >> now, the legislation has passed in the statehouse and also passed in the state senate judiciary committee. both arizona's house and senate are republican controlled so this bill has a very good chance of passing. >> lisa, thank you. meanwhile, the violence in syria carries on with no end in sight. today the country reached a milestone, and it's not one for celebration. also hillary clinton's
4:21 pm
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a dubious benchmark in syria today. lisa sylvester is monitoring that as well as other top stories in "the situation room." >> hi, wolf, it presses on as the conflict in syria enters the second year. this video purportedly shows the opposition striking a tank. at least 24 people were found dead today. activists say the death toll is fast approaching 10,000. a top iranian officials says
4:25 pm
iran wants more clarity from the united nations nuclear watchdog group before allowing inspectors into a complex south of tehran. iran denies it conducted any nuclear experiments at the site. the adviser to the ayatollah said today that iran should expect more cooperation from the west if the west wants more transparency. and rod blagojevich is in prison. the former illinois governor arrived at a federal prison southwest of denver today, to begin serving a 14-year sentence for corruption. blagojevich was convicted last june of 17 counts, including trying to sell barack obama's open senate seat. and the drama series "luck" hasn't had a lot of it. the cable network abruptly canceled the series yesterday after a horse was injured and subsequently euthanized during production, triggers widespread criticism.
4:26 pm
activists were already investigating the storm, starring dustin hoffman in connection with the deaths of two other horses. that series has come to an en. hbo our sister network here at cnn. she has said -- name is once again being floated in political circles. we're going to explain how. and what went wrong in the o.r.? i'll talk about that with our chief medical correspondent sanjay gupta. he has a brand-new novel that's just coming up. the real world. it has under-seat storage to bring everything, available seating for up to seven people to take everyone, and the grip of available all-wheel drive to go everywhere. think of it as a search engine helping you browse the real world. this march, get no extra charge third-row seating plus 0% financing
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let's get to our strategy session. here is paul begala and the senior counselor -- former senior counselor to kay bailey
4:30 pm
hutchison are you still? >> no, i'm not a counselor to anyone right now. >> camp counselor. >> the c.i. tissuess are awful. the super pacs are gearing up, next tuesday illinois, and they're really hammering, the pro-santorum super pac. here's a little flavor of the ads. you're not in the illinois -- i'll play it for you. >> who has the right experience? mitt romney helped create thousands of jobs. >> req santorum is called the ultimate washington insider. >> romney rescued the olympics. >> santorum was in washington voting to raise the debt limit five times. >> meet the real mitt romney. supported the bailout, raise the jobs killing taxes and fees by 700 million. his health care takeover, the blueprint for obama-care. >> you get flavor of what's going on, rich. a lot of people in illinois will be seeing these ads. what do you think?
4:31 pm
is it effectively a two-man race right now, santorum, romney, forget about newt gingrich or ron paul? >> it's a two-man race for romney. he only has to fight a one-front war. santorum has a two-front somebody on the panel tuesday night said as we go through the process, these negative ads i think have less and less effect, because everybody already knows these guys. it's not like at the beginning of i think -- >> do you think that's true. ? >> i love negative ads. i did not say it, probably somebody smarter than me. i agree with both romney and santorum. who knew they were so smart? rick -- >> you don't like either one? >> full disclosure, i advise the pro-obama super pac, which is not raising ads now, because
4:32 pm
they're doing all. finches not using bill maher money. >> and you're not going to -- there's pressure to return it? >> we're not going to do it. no need to. the super pacs, it's having a toll, because it is pulling the candidates further and further to the right. santorum has always been conservative. >> there is a growing sense that it's time for romney to start talking about why they need to vote for me, not vote for you. i'm not sure they -- >> the super pac ads are not positive, my guy is great -- but 99% -- >> but they can be. >> 99% are negative. >> they've chosen to do that. >> they decide it's more effective to go on these attacks. >> the delta in ohio is less than it should have been. the delta -- >> explain what the delta is to our viewers. >> the difference between what romney thought he was going to
4:33 pm
get and what -- and whatever happened in mississippi. he was out in ohio, naming names. listen to this. >> governor romney was more direct, let detroit go bankrupt. . he said that. he said that what we propose, and i quote, is even worse than bankruptcy. end of quote. he said it would make gm, quote, the living dead. >> so what do you think about this role joe biden will be taking on. he's going to really be, shall we say, the pitbull. >> but a happy warrior. the best attackers are people who have a sense of sort of generosity of spirit. ronald reagan was one of the best negative campaigners ever. he wasn't a hater. even if you don't agree with joe biden, i think he's one of the most gifted public leaders.
4:34 pm
he can stick the knife in, but not look like a meanie. i respect experience. i love joe biden. thank god he's there. i think you'll see him in places like hawaii -- you know, he's the son of a car salesman, very much got a middle-class appeal. he's just old joe, even though the second most powerful person in america. >> as a strategist, is it smart for them now, the democrats, to really have biden out there in a state like ohio, obama-care, he did four years ago, as you remember. is it smart to start naming names like this, even while the republicans are fighting among themselves? >> exactly why, because republicans are fighting among themselves. he can sort of help push that narrative forward. i think for them, for the obama campaign, this is exactly the right time, and vice presidents get to do that. >> very quickly on hillary clinton, a woman you know well, the secretary of state, maureen dowd, her column, among other things she wrote this in numbs
4:35 pm
in the meantime -- it would make the president seem weak, desperate and disloyal and get him a vice president who would pull focus and be a competent torrie. besides, before he would go, biden would handcuff himself to bo. the republicans assault on women does, though, and hillary in 2016. she was responding to the notion that maybe the president should dump biden as his running mate and put hillary clinton on the ticket to energize the base, energize women and get himself reelected. >> i cannot possibly imagine that. as my kids say, nhd, not happening dude. i'm a big fan the maureen dowd. >> i have suggested that going back to october, if he is desperate and sees this first term ending in a disaster, going down as a one-term president, he throws that hail mary pass in order to little a second term.
4:36 pm
>> i think maureen is right, it would look like desperation. his problems are not caused joe biden and will not be saved by hillary clinton. save this tape, maybe i'm an idi idiot, but i don't think it will happen. >> i think this is it, she probably is done and wants to go do good works, much as bill does. >> and she can prepare for you know what. >> host "the situation room"? >> she's welcome to. she can come here. thank you, guys. the top obama campaign adviser david axelrod is speaking out about rush limbaugh, erin burnett goss ogoes outfront. and dr. sanjay gupta is here to talk about his first novel, a surprising subject. you want to stick around. et rid. just to be able to wake up in the morning on your own.
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doctor sanjay gupta is also a noted neurosurgeon, and a best-selling author, his newest
4:40 pm
book coming out entitled "monday mornings." sanjay, congratulations action i've been reading your book, terrific, terrific stuff. let's talk a bit about "monday mornings." tell us first of all about the title. what does that mean? >> i have this -- there's a meeting that takes place in hops to discuss errors that have occurred, mistakes that may have been made. i place that meeting on monday mornings. i use the title in part because you think about monday morning quarterbacking, time for a reflection. when a mistake occurs, if there's not something that's learned from it, that's even a worse crime. so that's where the title came from. >> you review some of the mistakes that have been made. everyone is human, including great doctors, nurses, give us an example of what might be the worst mistake in the medical
4:41 pm
profession. you can brick up. >> certainly you hear about dramatic ones. for example, someone operating on the wrong side of someone's brain, for example, and, you know, you sort of dissect a mistake like that down and find perhaps in a situation where it was a trauma, things are moving quickly, someone may have hung up the ct scans backwards, therefore this sort of mistake occurred, but i think the worst types of mistakes, like in any profession are probably the ones that just show a degree of recklessness by a doctor or surgeon in a situation or a degree where they didn't display compassion. those are hard to swallow, i think. i've attended meetings like there for 20 years, i think those are tough, when you hear a story like that presented in one of these meetings, it makes everyone a little -- take a breath, i think. >> you know, someone reading your book, and readings the mistakes could say i don't want to go into a hospital, i'm
4:42 pm
nervous about these mistakes. did that cross your mind? >> you know, i think there's no questions that mistakes have been talked about. there's an incident back this 1999 that gave us startling numbers, that it's up to 100,000 deaths a year could be caused by medical mistakes. over the last several years, new studies have shown the new number could be even much higher. the harm is incurred as a result of that, that is not new. i think what -- what i really wanted to show here is what happens after that? what happens in a hospital? what happens to these doctors? what's the next step? how do people learn from these mistakes. we call it a practice still, and people joke about that, but there is a feeling if a mistake occurs, if you don't learn from it, medicine and science don't progress forward as they should. >> i love the fact that you're out promoting your book, and even went on fox & friends this
4:43 pm
week to promote the book. you had this exchange, i'll play it for our viewers. >> you conduct this question if you want, but if you had a choice between hanging out with anderson cooper or wolf blitzer, who would you choose? >> wolfman, every single time. >> i love that. thank you so much. qulo know about anderson cooper, but i would rather hang out with you than anderson cooper, too. let me be honest. >> there's a different side of wolf blitzer that people don't get to see. i want to experience that one time, wolf. >> are you going to be promoting the book in washington, d.c.? >> i'm going to try to. but aside from promoting the book, i just would love to break some bread. >> since i write my book, and i haven't even started, i'm going to count on you to promote it. i'll count on roger ailes to promote it on fox as well. i would be happy to go on "fox & friends."
4:44 pm
"monday mornings" an excellent novel. i want everybody to buy a copy as soon as possible. sanjay dwupt aa, m.d., excellent writer, excellent neurosurgeon, all-around great guy. >> thanks, wolf. an ominous warning today from homeland security, could last weeks -- could last week's mass killing in afghanistan trigger violence right here in the united states, and david axelrod on the hot seat over the rush limbaugh controversy, as the coarsening of the discourse.
4:45 pm
4:46 pm
4:47 pm
it's the conversation that won't go away, watch this exchange with erin burnett and david axelrod. >> let me ask you one more question, and this is important especially in light of the rush limbaugh controversy about sandra fluke, when he called her a slut on his radio show. bill maher, of course, has used a "c" word to refer to sarah palin. he has used some other very unflattering words like bimbo to also refer to sarah palin and michele bachmann, also gave a million to the super pac, which is set up to reelect barack
4:48 pm
obama. to be consistent, should that super pac give the money back to bill maher? >> well, first of all, let me say i don't think -- there's been a coarsening of our political culture. i don't think that language is appropriate, no matter who uses it. whoever you are in politics, you ought to be willing to say so. i was disappointed that governor romney didn't stand up more forcefully when rush limbaugh said what he said, but understand these words that maher has used in his stand-up act are a bit different than -- not excusable in any way, but different than a guy with 23 million radio listeners using his broadcast platform to ma line a young woman for speaking her mind in the most inappropriate, grotesque ways, and nor does bill maher play the role in the democratic party that rush limbaugh plays in the republican party, where he's really the de facto boss of the
4:49 pm
party. everybody responds to him, which is why i think governor romney was afraid to take him on. >> it's interesting, i see your point that sandra fluke is not a public figure, but as a woman who is a public figure -- >> listen, erin, i do not excuse those kinds of characterizations of women. i don't think those kind of gratuitous nasty words about anyone is appropriate in the public sphere. i'm not excusing anyone, but i think what limbaugh did was particularly egregious. it wasn't just once. he built on it and built on it to the point where he -- he built into sort of a per veers so lil question at the end about, you know, whether she should post her relationships online. >> i know, i was disgusted. >> there's no excuse for that. >> erin is joining us. good interview, looking forward
4:50 pm
to seeing the whole thing later tonight, 7:00 p.m. eastern. did he ever flatly saying, as paul begala, who is directly involved in that pro-obama super pac, fat chance, they're not returning it. axelrod is not directly involved in the super pac. he's directly involved in the official campaign. >> i went on to ask that question. of course, he did try to take that out, as you would imagine, i'm not involved in the super pac, in fact i haven't talked to bill burton, who's running the super pac, for a year, so i'm not the one making that decision. it does seem this figure leaf that they have put on to whether you're saying something vile about a woman, thatless a real inkonzancy there. it does seem they'll have to be giving more answers. there are some follow-up on that exact issue and mr. axelrod does not want to go there. >> the other thing that's been out there. he was supposed to be on bill maher's show, but decided not to appear on it because of all of
4:51 pm
this. did you get into all of that with him? >> i have seen that as well, wolf. we did not talk about whether he denied to go on to bill maher's show. i think the real issue that seems to be so difficult, when you walk out on this limb, as they have, and said that rush limbaugh is the boss of the party and it's so awful he said these things, i don't think anyone would disagree with the fact that what was said was insulting and inappropriate, but then to avoid being hypocritical, you do have to be consistent. i think paul begala is right, there are still more questions to be answered on that front. >> thank you, erin. we'll be watching your show on cnn at 7:00 p.m. eastern. last time was in the ncaa tournament, harry truman was president, but harvard hoops are now hot. the crimson side is bhursing. and new fbi warning of possible violence in the united states in retaliation for the massacre of afghan civilians.
4:52 pm
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4:55 pm
gary in california says, of course not, but this is a symptom of a greater problem. we have a representative democracy, and we allow our representatives to accept bribes in the form of contributions. if they're willing to display this quid pro quo in public, can you imagine what they'll do in private. raising hundreds of millions that pays about $400,000 a year has been elevated to the point where hon decent working-class citizens can no longer comprehend or even believe how dirty it all is. beyond shameful. >> no, let them meet in a convention hall. i have a chest full of combat medals, am in constant pain and can hardly walk for the rest of my life. i've never been invited to the white house. like the saying goes, money talks. >> larry in texas says the administration is cutting off its nose to spite its face.
4:56 pm
basketball games and state dinners should be canceled until our bills are paid. >> bob in how how says why not? if the prime minister can be made a little more friendly by meeting a celebrity donor at dinner, go for it, as long as it's not gary busey or randy quaid. if you want to read more, go to my blog, or through our post on "the situation room's" facebook page. >> jack, thank you. for the first time in 66 years, heart regard is in the ncaa tournament, catching even some harvard students, a lot of them, i must say, about i surprise. mary snow, how is march madness playing on campus? isms wolf, when mark zuckerberg was creating facebook in his cambridge days, he probably never thought one of the most popular uses for it among harvard undergraduates would be looking for basketball tickets.
4:57 pm
it wasn't long ago that the most famous alum resided in the white house. then linsanity struck. jeremy lin catapulted to the topfuls hits alma mater basketball history making hoops cool. now j this. >> heart vart and the champions of the ivy league with reason to celebrate. >> reporter: for the first time in 66 years, the men's basketball team is in the ncaa tournament, and crimson tide runs deep. >> i'll be rooting for harvard, but it's just too much of a stretch. >> reporter: eek the bookworms are taking notice. >> you see students giving you high-fives, telling you good luck, and congratulations, and these are people you've never talked to before, never seen before. >> that's what coach was hoping for. >> why not be a game changer?
4:58 pm
that's what you're school has been known for in many different ways, to change the game, to think outside the box, to be different, to literally change the world. >> harvard has certainly done that by producing eight u.s. presidents, but the future politicians and world leaders shared this ivy-covered campus with a mediocre basketball team until now. >> it's humbling that we could achieve something here that has never been done before, when so many things have been done before. >> harvard students aren't used to all this march mads in stuff, with little chance to celebrate when the team finally made the tournament last week, because they're in the middle of doing what they are used to, studying for mid terms. >> i heard, because it was talked about, and everybody where on campus. >> all i could sigh is i didn't expect to go to a school with big basketball. it's been fun. >> have you heard any rumblings about the ncaa tournament?
4:59 pm
>> my bad. not really. >> reporter: would it be fair to say before a couple weeks ago you didn't care about basketball? isms that's probably true. >> reporter: and now? isms now, yeah, let's go to march madness. >> reporter: sports can be as fickle as politician. the crimson's fortune could be even more fleeting, with just one loss sending them back to campus. with that team on the map at harvard yard, courting future players may not be as hard. >> at the end of the day, what we always tell them is the worst thing that happens here is you become a harvard graduate. that's not too bad. >> wolf, as much of a heart vashd crimson fan president obama may be, when he was filling out the bracket, he didn't pick them to win against vanderbilt. >> yeah, i did, because i'm going for the cinderella. let's so if harvard can go all the way. thanks very much very much. you're in "the situation room."
5:00 pm
and fbi and homeland security warning just released. the mass killing in afghanistan could inspire home-grown extremists right here in the united states. and siri may not be a know-it-all after all. the personal assistant built is touched by a lot of requests, and now a lawsuit is charging false advertising. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." today marks a year since the start of the syrian revolt and a blood counter crackdown that's
5:01 pm
claimed thousands of lives. the syrian regime is staging mass rallies in support of is that bashar al assad even after the assault on goes on. the opposition is fighting back. this video said to be from the siege provicinity -- listen to this. but the regime continues to target civilians. >> here the shelling going on, as the ground shakes, voices call to god and cry out in pain. homs has been the epicenter of the reso the and videos from there have shown so many atrocity parent committed by security forces. cnn has obtained some of the
5:02 pm
most disturbing footage yet. about a dozen family members apparently killed in one house in cold blood. cnn's arwa damon filed this report. we should warn you, it shows graphic violence. >> reporter: they as they moved. it's taken them nearly a week to get this far, to reach a house on a sectarian fault line that runs through homs. we're rescuing the bodies of the martyrs, the voice on the video nair yates. they've heard a sunni family has been killed. what they find, shocking beyond description. the first body, that of a woman. in the room next to it, bodies crowded into a back corner, as if they were trying to hide. the dead child's face, a mask of
5:03 pm
fear, blood splatters the wall. let the world see, the voice exclaims. look at the massacre in just one house. she curses the shias, and al assad. the video is ted to have been filmed in early february. look, people, look, overcome with emotion as he curses the regime. the camera pans over to show more bodies slaughtered in the back. suddenly on another floor, a tiny glimmer. the child cries out, clearly terrified. he comes into view, having to crawl over a body lying in the doorway. he must have been hiding for days. don't be afraid, you're safe
5:04 pm
now. don't make a sound, one of men tells the boy. it's not known who killed his family or why, but the men who found the bodies are sure this was a sectarian massacre carried out by thugs allied to the regime. >> arwa is joining us from beirut. is this becoming more and more a sectarian war rather than one between the opposition and the regime? >> reporter: you know, it still is mostly between those who support and are against the regime, but there are undeniable sectarian undertone to all of it especially prominent in cities like homs. the concern among activists is they are only going to continue to rise to the surface the longer this drags on. they are saying that for now they are able to control people, able to control their desire for revenge following such acts of brutality, but they're not going to be able to maintain that control for much longer.
5:05 pm
we should also note this is not the first such massacre to have taken place in homs. there were three other similar massacres that took place in the neighborhood just this year, wolf. >> i ask the question, as our viewers know by now, basharal is an allowhy, shiite sect, and i'm concerned if it does become a war between the shiites and allowites specifically, who knows how this will wind up? >> reporter: that's a concern shared ironically on both sides. the government shares that concern and opposition activists share that concern, but the issue is bringing about an end to the bloodshed before that horrific scenario becomes reality. that's where we see the international community deadlocked, bo sides polarized to such a degree sitting around any negotiating table right now is just not a viable option.
5:06 pm
the big question is how to prevent that worst-case scenario from materializing. >> arwa is doing a world-class job bringing us these stories. we really appreciate it. arwa, thank you very much. the fbi and homeland security departments here in the united states have issued a warning that the mass shooting of civilians in afghanistan could trigger violence right here in the united states. we'll get more on that shortly from our national security contributor fran townsend, but first barbara starr has new details on that shooting and on the runway attack carried out as the defense secretary's plane landed in afghanistan. barbara, what are you learning? >> let's go first to the runway attack, wolf. it was yesterday at the british-run base in southern afghanistan. defense secretary leon panetta is about to land when a vehicle full of gasoline containers comes barrelen down the runway, crashes, explodes into the plane, the driver died of his burns, but we are learning new
5:07 pm
details today. the pentagon says the driver of that stolen vehicle was in fact, they believe, aiming for the welcoming party for panetta on 9 runway. he may not have known they were there for panetta, or may not have known panetta was about to land, but a u.s. military official says that the driver drove the vehicle at a high rate of speed at individuals who had to get out of the way to avoid being hit. the secretary's plane was diverted to another part of the runway, they all had to stay on board until it was safe. here for the first time defense secretary leon panetta talking about it. isms from the evidence that i've been told so far, that this individual basically, whatever happened here was directed as others that were there on the field and not me or my plane or
5:08 pm
anything associated with me. >> but an extraordinary security breach nonetheless, wolf. we have also learned it was 30 minutes between the time the man stole the vehicle and crashed it on the runway where the secretary's plain was landing. 30 minutes when someone had a stolen vehicle, gasoline on board, a vip about to land, and the military didn't seem to know very much about it, wolf. >> all right. stand by, barbara, because this is just coming in. i want to go to casey wian. he has just spoken. that soldier we're told is now in kuwait. casey is joining us on the phone. what are you learning? >> reporter: wolf, we're learning an awful lot more than what we have known about this alleged shooting suspect, who is
5:09 pm
now in kuwait. he's retained an attorney by attorney named by john henry brown, based in seattle, near the ft. base lewis mcchord. well known for representing the barefoot bandit, in that case not long ago. what he tells me is he spoke to the alleged shooting suspect early this morning. he also spoke with the family yesterday in person. he has a wife, two children, also spoke with other family members who are, the attorney says, paying for the shooter's defense. one thing we wanted to dispel, there had been reports out there that marital problems may have been one reason behind what this soldier is accused of doing in afghanistan, gunning down 16 people. he says that that is absolutely hogwash. there have been absolutely no problems in this soldier's marriage, according to his newly
5:10 pm
retained attorney john henry brown. also said he will be traveling, he believes, to kuwait as early as next week to meet with his client, and that is if he remains in custody in kuwait. he also believes that he could be transferred to the united states for trial, he says there's no possibility in his view that there will be a trial in afghanistan. he also mentioned the fact this soldier had done previous tours of duty in iraq and that he was injured during a vehicle crash that was caused by an ied explosion. we asked about the history of lewis mcchord and there have been reports about soldiers treated for ptsd perhaps not getting the proper care. we asked if that would be an issue in this trial and whether that was perhaps one of the claims that he might be making, that this soldier was sent over to afghanistan when perhaps he
5:11 pm
should not have been. he said that was an area he would certainly explore. wolf? isms have they released the name of this soldier yet? >> reporter: they have not. obviously his attorney knows his name. he would not release the name. he says that is because of the concern for the safety of his family. the family we do know has been transferred actually on base for their protection, and there was an fbi report or at least a warning earlier today perhaps there could be some retaliation, or at least warnings law enforcement to be on the lookout for retaliation, so this attorney, mr. brown, is definitely concerned about that. the only thing we have in terms of biographical information about the soldier at this time is he did not grow up in this area. he is from the midwest, but his attorney would not say what specific state, wolf. >> casey wian on the scene for us, appreciate it very much. we'll stay in close touch with you. the airport violence, the violence that the defense
5:12 pm
secretary encountered may have underscored just how bitter the mood is among afghans right now. that was clearly spelled out in talks in kabul, the afghani capital. our pentagon correspondent chris lawrence has details. >> reporter: senior defense official say leon panetta walked out of his meeting on the same page, confident they can reach an agreement to keep some u.s. troops in afghanistan past 2014. >> we really did focus on the strategy for the future. >> but in the aftermath of an american soldier allegedly killing 16 afghan civilians, karzai bluntly told panetta afghans don't trust u.s. troops and the international forces should move out of the villages of afghanistan and pull back to the main bases. the defense official says he doesn't interpret that to mean immediately, but the presidential palace says karzai told panetta afghan forces are not capable of protecting the
5:13 pm
villages, and karzai made clear he wants to finish the transition to afghan forces in 2013, a year ahead of nato's timeline. this is all coming less than a day after president obama said -- >> i don't anticipate at this stage that we're going to be making any sudden additional changes to the plan that we currently have. >> reporter: article karzai made his demands, the taliban announced they were suspending their peace talks with the u.s. so what next? >> i don't think the u.s. is going to accede sew karzai's demand, and i don't think in the end karzai will insist on it. james dobbins was a special envoy under president bush. he says karzai has a history of backing down from ultimate mate tums and the u.s. has a history of ignoring them, but he does expect growing public pressure, both in the u.s. and afghanistan to accelerate the transition from the original deadline of
5:14 pm
december 2014. >> it may start a little earlier and it may go more quickly as a result of these recent events. >> reporter: just to put a little context to this, a u.s. defense official says president karzai had sent his over investigative team to the scene of that massacre. they had just come back and briefed him before karzai made some of these comments, and the official said that briefing clearly was weighing on his mind. also when cnn followed up with karzai's office, the palace said, yes, he did say that he wanted the transition to happen in 2013, not 2014, but he did not say that he wanted all international troops out by the end of next year. wolf? >> thanks vessel for that. chris lawrence with the latest. meanwhile, an intelligence warning from the fbi and homeland security department here in the united states. how the violence in afghanistan may impact american right at
5:15 pm
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jack cafferty is here with "the cafferty file." jack? >> wolf, taking care of yourself is rapidly becoming an economic issue of staggering proportions. in fact, you may want to grab a head of lettuce on your way home tonight and get right on the treadmill when you get there. the day is coming in less than 20 years when health care costs may consume your entire paycheck. in other words, illness will one day soon simply become unaffordable. a new report by the annals, the average american family's medical cost will surpass their entire income. it's no secret health care costs have been growing faster than just about anything else, and while the trend did slow a bit
5:19 pm
recently, the authors of this study say medical costs are still going up. as a matter of fact, they're slated to continue to rise about as star as the eye can see. that brings us to the subject of obama-care. in 2009-2010, health care costs grew at a slower rate than any time on record, but they still grew, obama-care the critics say is not enough to solve this problem. the doctors say that obama-care is a good first step, but it's not enough to get us eventually where we must go. what does it mean if paying for health care costs will soon take your entire paycheck? that's scary. go to, post a comment on my blog, or go to our post on "the situation room's" facebook page. wolf? >> that's very carey, jack. thank you. while the republican candidates have been hammering one another at every opportunity, the democrats are now joining in.
5:20 pm
the vice president joe biden went on the attack today slamming the republican rivals by name. that comes as democrats beef up their campaign operation in the key battleground state of ohio. our white house correspondent dan lothian is there. >> reporter: in napoleon, ohio, a quint essentially middle-american town of about 8,000 people -- >> i'm calling in port of president obama's reelection campaign. >> reporter: the push to get president obama reelectioned heats up. volunteers work the phones to explain the benefits of his signature health care law. a factory worker -- >> i've some people, to be honest, that have hung up on me, but that's okay. >> reporter: a laid-off elementary schoolteacher. >> we're looking forward to making many calls. >> the chairman of the state's democratic party is taking nothing for granted i want hoy contract kale will ohio be? >> we pick presidents. it's as simple at that time
5:21 pm
that. >> reporter: the ground operation across 88 counties that help him win never folded up shopisms we have a stronger infrastructure than perhaps in 2008. >> reporter: what they also have a president with low poll numbers, in a still struggling economic. this nbc news/marist survey shows 49% say they disapprove of how the president is handling his job. >> with $4 gas prices, obama-care and the failed stimulus, things don't look good for president obama here in ohio. >> reporter: they're pushing that theme of a president who has failed to improve their lives, as the campaign launches what's expected to be the most aggressive effort ever. the president flew to dayton for a basketball game. >> heartland is what it's all about. >> reporter: two days later, the vice president arrived in toledo, where he delivered a high-profile attack on the
5:22 pm
president's republican opponents. >> if you give any one of they guys the key to the white house, this el will bankrupt the middle class again. >> reporter: in a state where more than 800,000 jobs are tied directly to the auto industry, the obama campaign is taking credit for a dramatic turnaround, and supporters like the state's former governor, are using the bailout to draw a shatter contrast with republican front-runner mitt romney who favored a managed bankruptcy. >> i believe he'll have serious problems in november as he presents his record to the people of our state. >> reporter: but republicans argue the president has big problems of his own in this state. on that list is enthusiasm. >> you can throw all the pep rallies and campaign stops you want, but can't get the enthusiasm back that the president had in 2008. >> reporter: republicans here in ohio have been targeting young voters and independents with this message -- that the eventual republican presidential nominee will do a much better job fixing the economy and
5:23 pm
getting the unemployed back to work. wolf? >> dan lothian in ohio for us, a key battleground state, thank you. a husband and wife kidnapped at gunpoint by the taliban. they have now escaped. we'll tell you hoe they managed to get away. now the whole ship is for sale. that's coming up right here on "the situation room." [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now. two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils
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as we told you, at the top of the hour, the fbi and the department of homeland security right here in washington have issued a joint intelligence bulletin. it warns that the killings of civilians in afghanistan could -- could lead to retaliatory attacks by home-grown extremists right here in the united states. let's discuss what's going on with our national security contributor fran townsend. she serves on both the cia and the department of homeland
5:27 pm
security external advisory boards. give us perspective. how big a deal is this warning. >> periodically we see these sorts of warnings based on things going on around the world. we have seen attacks against u.s. military bases in the attack action most notably ft. hood, i think most people remember. but there have been occasionses in ft. dix and little rock, arkansas. is this warning based on specific intelligence as a result of the shooting overseas in afghanistan? not clear. the other thing is when such a threat warning is issued each base commander has the discretion to raise his defense condition level. that is the security posture. pentagon has been unable to answer for barbara starr and our colleagues here at cnn whether or not and how many base commanders have actually decided to increase their threat
5:28 pm
posture. but i think what the message to be taken from this, wolf is, look, they're taking this very seriously, the taliban in country has threatened retaliation, and it is reasonable to make sure we protect our soldiers and their families at home on military bases. >> so we shouldn't be surprised if here in the united states action and military bases in europe or asia or elsewhere if we see a higher level of security in the coming days? >> that's right. each base commander is well within his right to take additional security precautions. so people entering and leaving bases ought to leave extra time to make sure they can deal with any additional security measures. >> sometimes these warnings are released out of an abundance of caution, other times as you point out they're released because of the sbem jens, some specific reason that they find that they want to raise the threat level, shall we say. what you're saying is you're not sure yet whether this was simply done out of an abundance of
5:29 pm
caution or whether there was hard intelligence to warrant some kind of threat level increase. >> that's exactly right, wolf. we know about the threat for retaliation made by the taliban inside afghanistan. we haven't haeshd any public acknowledgement there is a specific credible threat against military bases at home or around the world, but it's reasonable given what we have seen and given the very strong reaction to the tragedy that took place in afghanistan, that the department of defense, the fbi, dhs, are all concerned there could be retaliatory attacksisms i know experts monitor a lot of these websites on the internet where they could po templeally inspire home-grown extremist toss go ahead and do something like this. i know he always watch to see if there's code words or some sort of message to go ahead and do something. walk us through that process a bit. >> sure. what happens, wolf, is of course there are these known as al qaeda web sites, you know,
5:30 pm
there's the media committee inside al qaeda, and they do issue these statements. they act they hotbeds remember anwar al awlaki, now killed by the u.s. forces, he was particularly known for his inspiring sermons, but he's not alone. there are many others that do the same thing. they use these sorts of tragedies -- i remember when i was in the white house, abu ghraib, of course a crime, it was not u.s. policy, but that was used by these extremist preachers to sort of inspire those here in the united states, in western countries like great britain and around the world to inspire them to take retaliatory action, inspire them to act and to take up jihad against the west. so this is the sort of thing one can imagine those extremists preachers might use to inspiring action by those who are otherwise just reading these internet postings, so those internet sites are the kinds of
5:31 pm
things that you're talking about, wolf, that the u.s. intelligence community and others around the world, our allies monitoring. >> i will be monitoring it ourselves. appreciate it very much, fran. thank you. with the fury monthing over the killing of civilians and earlier burning of the koran, has the united states already reached the end of the road in afghanistan? and joining us now from new york, fareed zakaria, the host of "fareed zakaria gps" you have a special on health care, and i want to talk about it in a moment, but very quickly, a lot of people are frustrated, angry, afghanis apparently are losing patience with the u.s. and the nato allies. is it time for the united states to accelerate its withdrawal from afghanistan? >> wolf, i don't think this is the right time to do anything like that. it would suggest we were wavering. you know these situations.
5:32 pm
the crisis will blow over. president karzai is reacting to domestic pressure he's facing. as long as we can ride these out, these type of crises do blow over, but it is worth asking ourselves whether we need to transition to a real counterterrorism strategy. we're still holding on to this counterinsurgency strategy, which is a vast nation-building project. we're still trying to modernize large parts with power, good governance in the hopes it will stabilize the situation. i think the evidence increasingly is what we need is a more targeted strategy that kills bad guys. that's where most of the value added has been in the last few years. that is the way in which we are going to be able to serve american national security interests. so i do think that vice president biden has pushing this idea for a while, we need to take it more cecily, but not in
5:33 pm
the context of these protests, and not in the context of seeming to waver the minute that something is going wrong in afghanistan. >> there's a lot of people beginning to say, does it make any difference in the long run where the u.s. and nato allies get out in three months, six months or three years? right now president obama wants them to stay until the end of 2014. we'll continue this conversation, i'm sure we'll have many opportunities, fareed, but i want to talk about your special that's airing on cnn sunday night. i read the article in our sister publication "time" magazine. but it does have a little headline at the top, obama care is a mess, we can't live without about fareed zakaria. i know your gps special sunday night deals with what we can learn from other countries on their health plans, how we can take the best and improve ours in the united states much what's the single best most important
5:34 pm
lesson we can learn. >> probably the single most important lesson is by cover everyone, you create a system that has the potential to work and bring costs down. if you look at switzerland president switzerland had a system 20 years ago pretty much like the united states, private insurers, private doctors, private providers. switzerland is a very free marked oriented society and economy. in fact, it scores higher than the united states on the heritage foundation's economic liberty index. 20 years ago they realized without an individual mandate, the system just doesn't work. too many people end up in emergency rooms, insurers are constantly trying to kick people off, so they put in place essentially a version of obama-care, an individual mandate. at least in their case it has worked out really well. what they found is they were able to create a system where everyone is in, so the insurers have a buy-in, costs have come
5:35 pm
down, and in some way, if you look at every country in the world, every rich country in the world, they have all found the only way you can make this work is to have some kind of universal care. then of course they have much state involvement than we do or the swiss do, but basically universal care is the prerequisite to making health care work as a market. i'm looking forward to seeing the documentary sunday night. it's entitled "global lessons, the gps road map for saving health care" sunday night 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. thanks very much, fareed. >> thank you, wolf. iran has now reacted to claims it's hiding nuclear activities at one of its military complexes. what a top iranian official has to say. george clooney met with president obama today. you'll hear what he says about the 2012 race for the white house. that's coming up right here in "the situation room." ttd# 1-800-345-2550
5:36 pm
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5:39 pm
lisa sylvester is monitoring other top stories in "the situation room" right now, including iran's demand for cooperation from the west. lisa, what's going on? >> wolf, a top iranian official says iran wants more clarity from the united nations nuclear watch dog group before allowing inspectors into a military complex south of tehran. iran denies it conducted any nuclear experiments at the site, though it is suspected of testing explosives there in the early 2000s, the adviser to the ayatollah told christian amanpour today said iran should expect more cooperation, and added every -- and a swiss couple held hostage in pakistan said they
5:40 pm
escaped after stopping at a military checkpoint. the husband and wife were captured back in july. switzerland says the couple is uninjured and doing well considering the circumstances. the taliban says the couple didn't escape, but was released. george clooney took his campaign to the white house today. fresh off a trip to sudan, he testified about what he called a campaign of murder in which villagers are bombed on a daily base. he was asked today about the presidential election and hi hopes. >> i hope they're very good. i'm a democrat and supporter of the president. i hope he has a very good -- i hope he has a successful election. >> clooney is cofounder of the satellite sentinel project. they watch for air and ground attacks in sudan. and if you have money to burn, and perhaps a submarine to use, well, the "titanic" could
5:41 pm
be yours. salvage rights to the famous ship are up for auction, along with more than 5500 artifacts, some of them you see right there. the auction marks the first time artifacts recovered from the "titanic" during salvage expeditions will be available for sale. bids must be submitted by april 2nd, and april 15th, by the way, is the 100th anniversary of the disaster. so a piece of history could be yours, wolf. i have no idea how much those items go for, but a little piece of history. >> i like george clooney's beard that he's grown? >> i think if you asked most women, they would like george clooney any way he comes. >> a clean-shaven majority clooney or boarded? >> i'm going to say i'm a fan of george clooney either way. george, if you're watching --isms i think he's trying to following in my footsteps, what do you think? isms i think he is. he'll have to work on it a bit
5:42 pm
more. >> he works really hard. someday he might have a beer like mine, is that what you're saying? >> that's exactly right, wolf. apple slick commercials show the iphone teaches people how to play guitar, but does it really do that? we'll test it ourselves after one man sues apple over claims of false advertising. an incredible shot, taken from the 192 feet in the sky. wow. in isn't the first ingredient in your breakfast cereal, what is? now, in every box of general mills big g cereal, there's more whole grain than any other ingredient. that's why it's listed first. get more whole grain than any other ingredient... just look for the white check. get more whole grain than any other ingredient... [ male announcer ] even if you think you can live with your old mattress... ask me how i've never slept better. [ male announcer ] ...why not talk to one of the 6 million people who've switched to the most highly recommended bed in america? it's not a sealy, a simmons, or a serta. ask me about my tempur-pedic. ask me how i can finally sleep all night. ask me how great my back feels every morning. [ male announcer ] did you know
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5:45 pm
one iphone owner is fed up with siri, and now taking it out on apple. let's go to new york. mary snow has the details. >> reporter: wolf, a new york city man is claiming that he was deceived, and he's accusing apple of false advertising. can many ale be liable for technology that it says is still developing? >> how do i play london calling? >> a b minor 9th. i found this for you. >> reporter: how do i play a b minor 9th? >> checking my sources. i don't know that.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: siri is build as a virtual know-it-all, making appointments, finding restaurants, the possibilities are potentially endless, but sometimes she's stumped. >> could you please tell me where you columbia university? >> paulina can't always get straight answers. >> it has a hard time understanding with accent. i do have as accent. >> reporter: siri on which directs users to a web search, but a brooklyn man is less than impressed. he's suing apple, saying he wouldn't have paid $299 if he hadn't seen xhempls for it. his lawyer filed a class-action suit on behalf of 100 customers claiming through an extensive and comprehensive natewide marketing campaign, defendant has quaid the misleading and deceptive message that the siri feature, a so-called voice-activated assistant, performs useful functioning and otherwise works as advertised. both the man behind the lawsuit
5:47 pm
and apple decline comment, citing ongoing litigation, but apple has said siri is a work in progress, noting on the website that siri is currently in beta and will continue to improve it over time. cnn legal contributor paul callyn doesn't see it as an easy kay to win, but he says it poses in difficulties for the tech giant, because it's expensive to defend against thinks kinds of suits. >> apple is a rich target, big-pocket targets for class-action lawyers. they're going to take their shots, but in the end, the courts have been pretty hostile to lawsuits based on what's called puffing in advertising. >> cal lan says they'll make the argument that it's routine advertising, about you if they don't win, they could stand to lose millions. various health care costs may consume your entire paycheck, a very scary thought. jack cafferty is standing by with your e-mail. also one way to blow away the competition.
5:48 pm
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5:52 pm
. check back with jack for the cafferty file, jack. >> question is what does it mean if paying for healthcare is soon going to consume your entire paycheck? dire predictions that that's going to be the case within 20 years. justin writes, you know what's awesome? taking care of yourself. not being overweight, not eating to excess, being a healthy person. i go to the doctor rarely. annual checkups. when you treat your body like garbage you have to expect to pay for it. martha writes "it means we're still ignoring the elephant in the room. the only solution is a single payer government operated basic affordable healthcare system. cy writes from virginia" when insurance companies ceos take
5:53 pm
home tense of hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation, that money trickles down to the prostitutes in congress who don't respect average people and couldn't care less what happens to us or the country." kirk writes "it's a bogus question. all you have to do is look at massachusetts since the romney universal coverage law passed. the rate of increase anyone shurns premiums in massachusetts is less than half of what it's been in the other states. doug in massachusetts writes "the statement implies the middle class is going to go bankrupt paying for their medical bills. people should be able to get medical care if it's needed and not go bankrupt in the process. if the government al allocated -- the $2 billion a week we waste in afghanistan could go toward public health insurance. craig writes "i can't afford it. don't have any insurance so i know what it feels like. it's cleaner for me to just pay for the office visits and prescription myselves." ken says we're going to have to give up a luxury like eating.
5:54 pm
if you want more go to file or on our situation room facebook page. taking march madness to another level. a viral video takes basketball to new heights. hohow w arare e yoyou? wewe'r're e gogoining g toto h e inintetervrvieiew.w. jojohnhn, , whwhatat's's i it t lilikeke d e fufusisionon h hybybri? yoyou u cacan n rereadad e evet isis o opeperaratitingng b by ya bubuttttonon.. itit's's l likike e drdrivivin. whwhatat w wououldld b be e thtg fofor r yoyou u toto g gi? ththe e mimileles s peper r gag. whwhenen y youou'r're e ususeder cacar r upup o oncnce e a, ththenen s sududdedenlnly y one weweekeks,s,
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to get yours, go to a video showingan in sane basketball shot goes viral. here's cnn's jeanne moos. >> reporter: most basketball players are tall. but sinking one from this high is ridiculous. we've seen basketball trick shots from a ferris wheel, and a trampoli trampoline. but a trio of michigan guys. >> hey, scott? can you bring us some basketballs? >> yep. >> reporter: took the basketball trick to new heights and shot the swish from three angles. of course the question everyone wants to answer is, how many tries did it take? let's crunch the numbers. >> how many basketballs did you actually take up in the chopper?
5:58 pm
>> we took about 25 up in the chopper with us. >> reporter: scott erickson says they made dozens and dozens of trips dropping around 25 balls each time. freeze it. you can actually see the ones that missed. scattered all over the place. 1, 2, 3, 4. >> reporter: they finally nailed this one from 192 feet, which is not the highest shot ever made. guinness says this one is. 212 feet, 5 inches. >> yes! yes! an australian trick shooting group called how ridiculous got a basket from atop a lighting tower over a cricket field after more than 2 1/2 hours of trying. so the michigan guys aren't highest but they think bombarding the net from a chopper is still pretty cool. their last viral video hate hit was almost a year ago. it was a 10-minute rendition of "american pie."
5:59 pm
it required much of downtown grand rapids, michigan to be closed down as they did one continuous tape. >> reporter: as thousands of extras lip synced they used a chopper for the last shot of this one, too. they're dedicating their latest video to march madness. >> from the altitude we were shooting at, the terminal develop alsoity of the ball was around 100 miles per hour. >> reporter: which could be terminal to living creatures. >> did you guys hit any cows? >> no cows were harmed in the filming of this video. >> reporter: but they say they did hit a few cow pat it is. talk about an american pie. >> did we clean the ball up? >> reporter: somebody should have called a foul. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> that's an amazing shot. thanks, jean knee. thanks very much. to our viewers thanks very much for joining us. i'm wolf


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